Stop twisting, sweating and swearing at traditional "twist-on" wire connectors.
Simplify and save with SCRU-IT "screw on" wire connectors.


Save up to 150% in wire connection time, while minimizing injury and health claims. This revolutionary new SCRU-IT wire connector provides better quality splices, increased productivity, easier installation, and fewer carpal tunnel injuries and related health claims. This patented, U.L. approved connector installs easily and quickly with a #2 Philips bit, in an cordless screwdriver. Results from comparative field testing confirm that SCRU-IT wire connectors are much faster and less expensive than "twist on" connectors.
  • provides an extra margin of safety U.L Approved at 150C - compared to only 105C for most other wirenut - required for HID wallpack lighting
  • clear Scru-It connectors let electricians visually inspect the finished splice
  • tight, consistent wire connector splices
  • no installer fatigue or slipping from manual twisting
  • higher job satisfaction and less injury claims


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